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We just got written up in Beauty&Style…..

By S. Miller, The Writers Network Posted on May 18th, 2011

New York’s Upper East Side is home to many of the best hair salons the city has to offer. Whether you have very curly hair, just want a trim or are looking for a great colorist, you are bound to find it in one of the city’s most posh neighborhoods.

If you are in the market for a simple cut, highlights or a hairstyle overhaul, here are some of the places you should check out. Alice’s Hair Care, located at 1324 Second Avenue at 70th Street, is a trustworthy salon to get both a cut and color. They are experts at fixing any type of color mishap and any other type of color correction needed. Alice’s Hair Care is also a destination for those with frizzy curls that need gentle techniques to tame their hair rather than harsh chemical treatments.

I will be taking you this year all about Alice Hair and why and what makes it work.
I have been blessed by choosing to be a hairdresser/stylist as I get to meet so many beautiful people a long the way.
I have always had a love of art starting back to me yes me winning a prize for art when I was 5 and 6.
Well I am an artist an artist of hair.
So in my shop I wanted to write today about
I meet Suzi on the beach in Miami while I was doing my first ever MamaGena course and we have been friends ever since.
I have her art in the salon and I so love her energy.
I will post some photos later today of the art we have in the salon that makes Alice hair a more loving place to visit.

Thank you both so much for gifting this world with your art Fe-mail art.

I love this woman I meet The Dame at The school of Womanly Art’s and we have been friends ever since.
The Dame not only rocks style but loves to share all her secrets with you and she put’s you in your soul style for who you are.
I LOVE being The Dame. I really do.

Being “Damed” by a teacher of mine (a woman’s version of being knighted, I believe) was a perfect foreshadowing of the future in my role as a Soul Stylist and Pleasure Visionary. Since that time, I have been honored to inspire and facilitate the transformational empowerment of over 2,000 women and men during the past twelve years as student, coach, teacher,consultant, and stylist.

I define a Soul Stylist and Pleasure Visionary as someone who cultivates, imagines, lives and gives directed by the vision of their pleasure.

Here are some other fine experiences that have shaped my Pleasure:

The Pleasure of Study!

*Certified in 2003 as a Pleasure Coach by Regena Thomashauer, founder of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

Soul Styling with the Dame.
We all desire a joyful relationship to life. In my experience, this relationship can gently and sensually unfold as we connect to and value beauty, style, color, touch, and movement. Through Soul Styling, we uncover the essential life force spirit within each of us (women and men) that is immortal and intangible . . . this inspires our desire to adore and adorn ourselves with pleasure, and thus our worlds and our lives expand in unimaginable ways.

Alice Hair and Tara Dixon Art come together.

How to Find The Best Styling Tools…………
An Interview With Michael Gordon
Gordon is the founder of the Bumble and Bumble salons in New York City.

Great styling tools make your hair look consistently gorgeous. And yes, the best ones tend to be the most expensive. That said, they absolutely do last longer than cheaper models and will keep your hair in better condition.
• Brush up. The reason so many salons use Mason Pearson brushes is because they’re made with high-quality materials and last forever. A combination of boar and nylon bristles delivers just the right amount of grip without snagging the hair. (Stay away from metal brushes when blow-drying since they can conduct too much heat, leading to frayed ends.) Also, bristle spacing is important, because if the rows are packed too tightly, the bristles won’t slide properly; if they’re too far apart, they leave creases. I go for medium density, like Pearson’s Small Extra B2.
• Feel it out. Regular combs made from sturdy, faux tortoiseshell or carbon fiber can also last a lifetime. Just make sure the teeth are rounded, so they don’t rough up your scalp and cause flaking (we use carbon combs by Leader 212). As for styling clips, Diane Curl metal ones work well because they don’t clamp down too tightly, which can cause indentations.
• Don’t blow it all. Hair-dryers that emit negative ions are supposed to shrink water molecules in hair, helping it to dry faster and smoother. But I think it’s more important to have adjustable heat settings (high versus low) and variable speeds (slow, medium, and fast). Both features allow you to change gears when styling, so you can easily manipulate the temperature or air speed to suit the look you’re trying to create. (For example, medium heat and low speed are best for a smooth blowout. Use high heat and speed for drying hair only partially, so it’s not sopping wet.) You don’t need 2,000 watts—it’ll be too gusty, even on low force, and blow your hair all over the place. I like Elchim and Twin Turbo dryers that have 1,600 to 1,800 watts.
• Wrap it up. Flat and curling irons with thermostats are a fine idea, but cranking them up to 400 degrees is a terrible one. You’ll fry your hair. Instead, set it at the lowest temperature that will do the job (about 250). Ceramic barrels and plates are also key; they retain heat better than metal, so you can style quickly without damaging your hair cuticle.
• Shop like a pro. Beauty-supply stores tend to have the widest selection of tools. But at a salon, your stylist can help you pick out the right models for your hair type and show you how to use them. And assuming you trust the salon, you can be pretty certain the products they sell are top-notch.

The Dame and I met for breakfast on Monday and we were both talking about how much love and joy we both have in our life, plus how much we both love what we do with our lives and in our lives…. we drank ginger juice and of course tea as I am a big tea bag.

As we parted I saw this bus and of course my whole being light up with all the words writen on it.

Lori and I both got to met Bob and hear this story he was crying while letting us of all that he does to give back in kindness and how we can all change the way the love and give kindness to each other and this world..

Enjoy the photo that I took some


So much fun to be had wearing T-Totally tee’s and loving them up at Alice Hair.
What a joy to know “anything is possible”

I meet Jill in Mana gena’s I have been working with even since.
I have taken Jill’swork shop a couple times in NY and I just finished her four day shop in Tampa and it was so powerful.
Infact life changing work and it amazes be everyday.
“you are a joy to love”
Jill Rodgers.

Being a business woman in NY city I love it when I find another woman that inspire’s me.
I have been taken boot camp for a couple of weeks and love it.
I often hear the words in the salon is there a real Alice and yes there is and today I worked out with lauren and her heart and soul was in every push up and bench up or whatever the lingo is for getting fit.
Getting fit is one thing but working out as a team and in my army gear and pushing excise to a new level is a lot of fun it really is.
I enjoy my life and this to me is a great way to start your day!!!
Words that she uses
Honor. Trust. Respect. Integrity. Duty. Loyalty. Power. Courage. dignity. Wisdom . Pride. Pure
oh and yes it is fun I think?

I was thinking of things we like and I thought of joy.
I just finished my day and it gave me great joy be able to change clients with new color’s and cut’s and I feel joy.
Love Alice.


Just in time for Spring.



So Famous Set ($61 Value) Sephora.
What it is:
A three-piece gift set that delivers beautiful shimmering effects for eyes, lips, cheeks.

What it does:
Get this set featuring famed NARS shades to achieve a sophisticated radiance. A touch of blush in Deep Throat gives cheeks a delicate shimmering flush, while lips will have the perfect pink-beige coloring with Bettina Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. Complete your look with the ultimate multi-tasker, mini Multiple in Orgasm, which bestows an on-the-go glow for eyes, cheeks, or lips.

This set contains:
– 0.16 oz Deep Throat Blush (peach with shimmer)
– 0.08 oz Bettina Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (natural rose beige sheen)
– 0.14 oz Mini Orgasm Multiple (peachy pink shimmer)
So I have to share here the thing’s that keep me happy.
For anyone that knows me knows that I love baths as it helps me relax after a long day of standing in lovely heels.
I love the smell of them and my skin feels great after.I am so worth it.
Take it your worth it too.


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