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The Right Tools for Great Style

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Love the way your hair looks when you leave the salon, but feel like you’re not able to replicate your style at home?

You’re probably not using the right tools and products for your hair. While your stylist does have training and skills that you may not have, their secret is using professional grade tools that are suited to your hair type.

If you think that any old brush or dryer will do, then look no further than your next visit to Alice Hair to set yourself up for success when replicating your style at home.

We sell a large variety of professional grade brushes in every size and shape under the sun. They’re not all created equal, so your stylist will be able to send you home with the correct brush for the style they’ve created.

Also, don’t think that hairdryer from 2003 is still doing the job. It’s time to upgrade, either with one of the great low-price blowdryers on the market right now (we like Babyliss), or with one of the Wella or Turbo Twin professional grade dryers we sell at Alice Hair.

You’ve already invested in a new cut and/or color. Now it’s time to maintain that style between visits to maximize your investment and enjoy your hair every day, not just when you’re walking out of the salon.


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