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Janet Cupo in NYC Marathon

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2011 at 9:50 pm

We live in a world where anything is possible, right?
Or is it really?
You have to believe in yourself, your strength, and your ability to fulfill anything, whether it’s finishing the chores in an average day, studying for that exam, going for that job interview, getting ready for that first date that gives you butterflies, or looking at yourself in the mirror like we all do every day and say, “I can do this.”

I say that because I’ve been blessed in my lifetime to meet many women who’ve inspired me to do better, believe in myself, and stretch my abilities. At age 30, I thought I was going to take on the world, so I ran my first marathon, raising money for Irish Volunteers for the Homeless.

It was in my second year that I had the fortune of meeting Janet Cupo. I’ve known Janet since 2001, and we’ve been dear friends since. I’ve also had the fortune of running Grete Waitz‘s half marathons as my tune-up for the NYC marathon.

This year, Alice Hair supports Janet as she runs the NYC marathon to raise money for the Grete Waitz Foundation, which will be divided between Active against Cancer and the NYRR Team for Kids. On Saturday, November 5th, 5% of the shop’s profits will go to the Grete Waitz Foundation to support Janet as she runs for a cause that is dear to both her and to us.

We will also be holding a raffle for items donated from these organizations:

Five free sessions from Pure Power Boot Camp

Facial with Monica Watters

Dinner for two at The Beach Cafe

…and more!

Grete was a fighter. She never stopped believing in herself, her cause, or her joy of running up to the very end. So this is a time of feeling joy of the spirit of Grete and Janet combined on this special day. Janet steps out one foot at a time to acknowledge Grete, and I’m proud to say that Alice Hair supports every 26.2 miles to believe in a dream, believe in a goal, and believe in this cause that lives on because of Grete.

Live your dream.
Live your hope.
We’re not all designed to run, but we are designed to dream.

Dream big.
Live big.
We may not all win as many marathons as Grete, but everyone is a winner in the marathon of their life, achieving the things that make them happy.


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